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His Children
John (Jack) Nicanor Hemingway
Born: October 10, 1923 Wellesley Hospital Toronto, Canada - Died December 01, 2000 New York City, NY
Named for both parents, John Hadley was the pen name Ernest sometimes used, and Spanish Matador Nicanor Villalta
Gertrude Stein and her partner, Alice B. Toklas, were his godparents.
Married Byra L. "Puck" Whittlesey on June 25, 1949
Margaux Louise Hemingway (1955–1996)
Joan Hemingway (born 1950)
Mariel Hadley Hemingway (born 1961)
Patrick Hemingway
Born: June 28, 1928 Kansas City, Missouri
Baptized August 14th 1928
Married: Henrietta Broyles 1950
Daughter: Mina” Hemingway (adopted 1960)
Married Carol Thompson 1982
Gregory Hancock Hemingway
Born: November 12, 1931 Kansas City, Missouri - Died October 21, 2001 Miami, Florida
Married1951-circa 1956: Shirley Jane Rhodes
Children: Lorian Hemingway, 1951
Married 1959-1967: Alice Thomas
Children: John Patrick Hemingway, 1960
Maria Hemingway 1961
Patrick Hemingway, 1966
Married 1986-1989: Valerie Danby-Smith
Children: Sean Hemingway 1967, Edward
Hemingway 1968, Vanessa Hemingway
1970, Brendan Hemingway 1962 (adopted stepson)