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Windows & Shutters

Work has started on repairing the windows and shutters on the main home. Isaac, our maintenance man is in the process of renovating the windows and shutters one at a time until all are completed. As he disassembles the windows he has found deteriorating wood and replaces the rotten wood with reclaimed Dade County Pine which was originally used on the structure.

New Bridge at Koi Pond

Through weather and age, our Koi Pond Bridge finally needed to be rebuilt. We contracted professional carpenters to pull required permits and perform the demolition of the old bridge and reconstruction of the new one.

Pool Pump House Roof

The roof on the Pool Pump House developed leaks that were dripping below in the pump house onto the computer panel of the automated chlorine and chemical replenishment system. All the ferns were removed from the roof (photo 1) workman then fiber glassed and applied a Firestone asphalt roof cover and heat torched the seams together (photo 2). Finished roof is water proofed (photo 3).

Administrative building repairs

Major cracks and deterioration were detected before painting the Administrative building. Masonry reconstruction and surfacing had to be accomplished prior to painting over deteriorating concrete walls. Work is complete and building looks great and is now a sound structure. Pictured are one of 5 areas that were repaired.