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So Far from Simple

​ In the panorama of twentieth-century literature, no figure rivals Ernest Hemingway’s reputation for taking chances. His exploits in war, expatriate apprenticeship, exotic travel, doomed love affairs, personal demons, and even his shocking final act of suicide are legendary. In Hemingway So Far from Simple, Donald F. Bouchard examines how Hemingway’s lust for danger and the unknown extended to his writing as an “experience of the limit.” He took risk as a writer despite the sometimes harsh words of critics and the dismay of readers. Where some of his contemporaries, most notably F. Scott Fitzgerald, stumbled by seeking fortune and glory, Bouchard demonstrates that Hemingway stubbornly refused to allow dishonesty or hypocrisy to taunt his body of work. His myth may stand on his colorful life, but his work continue to endure because, as he said, “I only think about writing truly.”


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